Ryan Higa (Niga Higa) secret to success on youtube.

Getting famous on Youtube is a very difficult task and it's one of the most asked questions in the Youtube Community. However Ryan Higa made it look so easy. From just a boy with nothing to do, he became a Youtube Superstar. He has become the most subscribed person on youtbe about Four million subscribers world wide. It was a daunting task but how did he do it?

Now some of these secrets may not be possible to everyone in terms of Ryan Higa. Because not everyone is that funny. But you don't have to only be funny to make it on youtube, eventhough being funny is important.
You need to create videos that have people wanting more and more. People like to laugh so that's a start. People also like to be informed. If you are like Micheal Buckley and you can cover every new scoop that appears in the world of Celebrities you're on your way. Also Exercise videos and there are many more. If you have any questions, just follow this blog and post your comments.

Ok so you've got a really cool video out, now how are you going to get a million views. That is definitely not simple but I lead you down the path. Firstly you must interact in the Youtube community and let people at least see your name. If you leave a comment on a video or channel or leave a video response, someone is bound to see you. Now you did your part now its someone else's turn to do their part. They see your name or your video response  and decide to look at it and that's one view. Now if a million people do that, you are now a Youtube celebrity. However i don't recommend that you do it for the views as your main purpose. But make friends get to know people in the Youtube community. You have nothing to lose, so go and start making some awesome videos and if you want you can send it to me. That is one view you're gonna get for sure because i love watching Youtube videos.


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