Nickelodean Vs Disney Channel

Nickelodean and Disney channel have for years conquered the world in children's entertainment. Children these days are no stranger to these channels and almost every country in the world has access to it. However which is better? Is it Nickelodean or Disney channel?

Nickelodean has many cool and funny shows such iCarly, Victorious, Spongebob, Tuff Puppy and much more. These shows are definitely some of the best shows for children on television. 

Now lets consider Disney channel. The shows on Disney channel has won over the hearts of millions of children worldwide. With shows like Suite life on deck, High school musical, Good luck Charlie, Wizards of waverly place and much more.

Now after some intense viewing of these two channels, I have came up with my conclusion. Nickelodean is the better between the two and there is no fighting this fact. Disney channel has really awesome shows but over time the quality of the shows have dwindled. Back in the days of Even stevens and Phil of the future, Disney channel was on top, but now Nickelodean has fought its way to the top and is now reigning supreme in the children's station listings. It's even better than Cartoon Network. 

This comparison is solely based on my opinion and nothing else.