Jersey Shore New season woes

The new Jersey shore season is much anticipated by the die hard fans. However it doesn't seem as though the new season in Florence Italy is going to go as smooth as it was planned. Mishap after mishap drilled the jersey shore cast prior to the new season. Here is a list of some of the mishaps.

1. Firstly the Italians in Italy were not very welcoming to the cast. Before the cast even touched down in Italy, they were labelled "worst stereotypes of Italians" and the reason America deserves terrorist attack. Italy were a bit harsh there, don't you think? But i feel their pain because of the poor representation of Italy that the Jersey shore cast portray, and the patriotic Italians should definitely feel insulted.

2. The cast then got some problems to get a house to film in and some permit problems. So their trip to Florence, Italy was Italy was delayed. When they had found a house, their trip was delayed again because of an Italian presidential visit to Florence. They eventually arrived.

3. The other mishap was the fight between Mike, The Situation and Ronnie. For more details

4. Snooki then got in a car crash. Oh is she dead!! No she is ok, but more bad "vibes" for the Jersey shore cast. Snooki, while driving during filming with her co-star Deena Cortese, slammed into the back of a patrol car(out of all things). No one was injured but Snooki license was confiscated after she was made to fill out some paperwork in the central police station in Florence.

5. Well this mishap isn't as crucial, but a mishap nevertheless. Jwoww injured her wrist while working at a local Pizzeria. It was reported that she spent  an afternoon in a local emergency room.

6. The msihaps keep happening and who knows what might happen next. The Situation's father in the U.S created a personal website featuring a series of videos bashing the Situation, his son, and also other members of the Jersey shore cast including Snooki. The Situation filed a lawsuit in a Miami court, warning his father to zip it.

It seems as though the Jersey shore cast are cursed. And who can blame God. The Jersey shore cast has been nothing but mischief  to the world, and are not proper role models for anyone to follow. I totally disagree with all that the cast members do, because they are a disgrace to their country and America. And i think that the one thing the Jersey shore cast needs is not a new season, but Jesus. Who knows what will happen next, but only time will tell.