Charlie sheen gets replaced

Who in the world can replace Charlie sheen in the hit sitcom two and a half men. Well apparently warner bros has found a replacement and that person is Ashton Kutcher. Now I can't imagine how two and a half men would be if Charlie sheen isn't Charlie Harper. But this is something that i have to see for myself.

After Charlie Sheen was fired, I thought that two and a half men was over. But the multi million dollar television sitcom is still going to be alive and well in the future. And i can imagine the amount of folks that went out to the auditions to get a piece of that million dollar pie. However at the end Ashton Kutcher was the man choosen.

I don't want to say that Ashton Kutcher is the right man for the job, but due to his previous succesful movies, I must say he will make a great fit. But no one can fill that gap that Charlie Sheen occupied on the cast, but for now only time can tell