Breaking Dawn is here!

The Epic Saga of the Stephanie Meyer novel is on its way to the big screen. Your favourite Vampire and Warewolf are back in the battle for the love of Bella. Now I can't give away the Movie, but if you look at the trailer it seems that someone is getting married. Oh yes, you guessed it, Bella and Edward.

But a big bad wolf doesn't like it. And when I say big bad wolf, i mean Jacob. Yes Jacob didn't seem to pleased when he was cordially invited to the wedding of Bella and Edward Cullen.

I was never a big fan of the twilight saga, but i think this movie is one in which i must see and i'm definitely looking forward to seeing it. There is also a little surprise lurking in Bella's wound. Is it a wolf baby or a Vampire baby. Well i guess we'll just have to see.