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According to reports, Mike "The situation Sorrentino from the hit reality show Jersey shore was beat up while at a club in Florence, Italy. His arrived at his house hiding his face that was red with blood. The beating was so bad that he needed medical attention.

This was supposedly not cast on the episode and was left out from the scenes. This mishap was hidden from the show but we all know what happened. It was claimed that the one who beat him up was Ronnie Ortiz Mangro. Ronnie is another member of the jersey shore cast and it was stated that there was a quarrel between the two which eventually led to a fight that took place in the club. Ronnie had won the battle but he left with a bruised knuckle. We all know that Ronnie has an anger problem and Mike can be quite annoying.

The motive for the brawl was reported to be female inspired.
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